Seeking Optimal Solutions

"What we call the beginning is often the end.  And, to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from." - T.S. Eliot

Framework for change


"Purpose" ultimately answers the question; "Why?"  Before any strategy is developed and deployed, understanding "Why" you're doing it in the first place is paramount.  I use the analogy of "Purpose" being a prime number.


"Platform" is the common denominator...the operating system which facilitates the realization of your Purpose.  As John Hagel recently wrote on LinkedIn;  "Platforms are governance mechanisms that reduce the cost and effort of connecting a great number of participants."


"Projection" represents the multiplier effect (not exclusively monetary) of Platform perpetuating Purpose.  It is my belief that positive Projection is proportional to the amount of cognitive dissonance within the system and/or the organization behind it.

My generalist view

In my opinion, the elements of Purpose, Platform, and Projection (in that order) provide a solid, general framework for understanding systems of change within the context of the digital, always-connected world we live in.  The three elements of change; Purpose, Platform, and Projection, can be analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively.  Though data cannot be ignored, I prefer qualitative analysis as it speaks to sentiment and behavior.  

Effecting change

When Purpose, Platform, and Projection are in true alignment, the framework becomes fractal and scale-able.  In general, I use the Purpose, Platform, Projection framework to comprehend misalignment within any system, established or proposed, and address each in a manner designed to realign with purpose.  

If this resonates with you... I'd be honored to apply my experience on your behalf.